brian-preaching-in-churchYesterday on Sunday November 7, 2016 we held the first official service for Kingdom Life Church in Maryland. This church will be in Florida very soon! We can’t wait, which is why we are already holding services here in Maryland. The vision for Kingdom Life Church has been to be in the Orlando area from the outset, first established in our plans directed by the Holy Spirit and confirmed so many times starting over two years ago. This week we travel to Orlando, Florida once again, this time to stay at the home of one of our church board members who has already made the family move from Maryland to Florida this year.  We are still working through some obstacles slowing our move down, but what does not slow down is our dedication to advancing the Kingdom, whether here in Maryland, Florida or anywhere.  This has been a phenomenal year of blessing from God in our personal lives and we are eager to translate that success into an awesome new beginning in Florida. In the meantime, we work to get there and hold church services here in Maryland.

We pray for a productive week in Florida as we spend the time there looking to bring Kingdom Life Church closer to reality in Orlando Florida in 2017.

I write this brief update on the church and our pending move to Florida because it is a milestone reached for Kingdom Life Church. It also relates to the message I gave yesterday. I gave a sermon speaking from The Book of Ezekiel chapters 2 & 3 in which God called Ezekiel to be an outspoken prophet to the Jewish Exiles in Babylon. God called him to do difficult work. He knew it would be tough as many prophets before him had been killed bringing God’s messages to a rebellious people that didn’t want to hear it. I’m not going to reiterate the entire sermon that I gave yesterday, but I will highlight the three 3 main points derived from Ezekiel 3:22-23 in relation to God’s calling that I discussed.  Click here to go to that post entitled: God in the Valley: His Hand, His Voice, His Glory.